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Initial consultation

Let's talk about how we can help you, about your workflow and how we can create an editing style as close as possible to yours


Send us up to 15 RAW images and we will show you what we can do! We'll make changes if necessary. The feedback received is saved for future orders.

Send your order

Send us the Lightroom catalog. We will take care of it and you will receive it edited.



It is best to start a new Lightroom catalog for every section of images that are going to be outsourced. The alternative is to select in your master catalog the images that you'll send us and export them as a new catalog ("File->Export as Catalog..."). The name of the catalog should make it easy to be identified, we recommend the "year/month/day/name" format (ex: "2016 09 03 Anna and Alex")


In the import window, be sure that the "Build Smart Previews” ckeckbox is checked. If you have an already existing catalog, enter the Library module, select all images and select the option "Library->Previews->Build Smart Previews"


Wait until Lightroom creates all Smart Previews.


Zip the directory that contains the catalog (the .lrcat file and the smart previes folder should be inside) and upload it in a cloud-type system (ex: Google Drive, Creative Cloud, Dropbox) or an online transfer service (ex: sau


Email us the download link and the necessary instructions for your order. After the editing process is finished you will receive the edited catalog and you can make further edits as you please.

NOTE: The process described uses Smart Previews, a feature made available in Lightroom 5. If you have an older version, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.


1. I want the images edited in my style, is that possible?
Yes, in order to be as close as possible to your style please send us a link to your portfolio, a Lightroom preset with your most common settings and clear-cut instructions about how you want the edit to be like.

2. Can i send images in JPG format?
Yes but the loss of quality can be significant. There is no problem if all you need is culling or album design.

3. Can i send 2000 images from two different weddings and pay 120 euro?
No, packages are available only for a single event plus add-ons (ex: engagement session or after wedding). If you send images that are not in the category of event photography or you simply don't like the package format, you can pay per image submitted. The price for extra images will be charged (0.10 euro/0.14 euro)

4. How do i pay? Are there aditional taxes like VAT?
The payment is done directly to our bank account. There are no additional sale taxes.

5. I also offer videography services. Do you have a video editing service? 
Right now we accept a limited number of video editing orders, please contact us in order to check availability and receive a price quote.

6. Is it possible that my images could end up somewhere without my consent?
We place emphasys on lasting collaborations based on trust so we strictly respect confidentiality. The images received will be deleted after we complete our job, unless you want us to keep them for further tasks.

7. Can i ask for changes in album design?
You can ask for changes for up to 25% of the number of spreads. If you still need more changes, the price is 1 euro / spread.

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